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Located at Gordon White Park, The West End Farmers Market (WEFMATL) is a weekly farmers market in support of preserving the community and its small businesses and farmers.

DFM-S Manger - Andrea

Andrea Blanton

Market Manager​

Soul Veggie: Okra 
Vibes: Alice Coltranes’ Journey in Satchidananda; 

Andrea Blanton, a Chicago native and Spelman graduate, obtained her certificate of Sustainable Urban Agriculture from HABESHA Works in 2013. She has dedicated her life to farmers markets, food and garden education. From Decatur to East Atlanta and Grant Park, Andrea has functioned as the ambassador, assistant, and manager for Community Farmers Markets. Besides serving as the inaugural educational chef of the West End Marta Market, Andrea previously lived in the community for roughly 6 years and now spends most of her time here with her children and tribe.


Eva Dickerson

Market Assistant Manager

Soul Veggie: Sweet Potatoes. 
Vibes: Alice Walker, Temple of my familiar.
Stevie Wonder – Do I Do

(Farmer) Eva Dickerson is an aquarius, urban cyclist, environmentalist, vegan, and Atlanta Socialite-in-training. She has lived in the Westside for almost three years (first in Westview now in West End) and during her time there she has volunteered at many community gardens, supported two different markets, and worked hard to learn a lot from her OGs in the food movement.While at Spelman, she completed the HABESHA sisters of the soil training and later this summer plans to attend the Soul Fire Farm training. She can typically be found riding her bicycle through her neighborhood with some good music on.


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